The Smiths


This is Mr and Mrs Smith; weren't they a handsome couple? Our trailer is aptly named Jenny after Zoe's Gran, Kate's Mum. The idea of Granny Smith’s was dreamt up many years ago when ‘Granny Smith’ herself thought she might like to run a little tea room. Kate and Zoe also loved the idea and the three of us chatted about it often. It wasn't to be as it was really just a pipe dream as these things often are! However in the summer of 2018 which was so lovely and hot, we offered to run an ice cream stall at a local fund raising event. We borrowed an ice cream freezer, a table and some sun parasols and set about decorating with bunting, ice cream themed aprons and giant ice cream flags. We enjoyed the day so much that we investigated how we could set this up to do it more often. We found an old trailer to renovate, bought our own freezer and Granny Smith’s Ice Cream was born!



Look at what she was! Such humble beginnings. We found this old trailer which we stripped right back and then rebuilt step by step until it became the glorious trailer we have now! As you can see it was pretty tatty but was sound and roadworthy! The wooden sides were taken off, the framework was all rubbed down and repainted, the floor was recovered and smart new wooden sides were added after they had been painted in green and white stripes. With a couple of new mudguards, a new hinged back door and a very smart cover to keep everything weathertight while we are travelling, we were ready to set off on the road. It is almost unrecognisable and the original owners were stunned to see it looking so wonderful. We are very proud of Jenny as she is all our own work and love showing her off whenever we can!

The Team


 We are a completely family run business; Kate and Zoe, a mother and daughter scooping duo along with dad, Steve, who is a whizz at all things DIY. Together we make a great little team.

We love what we do, and hope you'll love us too!